Message from Roy McAlister

To usher in a Revolution in Renewable Resources, Roy McAlister has demonstrated new capacity for hydrogen fuel and for carbon as a 21st century manufacturing resource to overcome limitations of steel, aluminum, copper and silicon.  With a new way to harvest hydrocarbons, the productive use of carbon changes the economic viability of hydrogen fuel.

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Full Spectrum Energy (FuSE) Technology and Economics

McAlister focused innovation in three vital areas:

  • Distributed Waste-to-Energy Production,
  • Distributed Energy Generation, and
  • Distributed Manufacturing 

These technologies synergize to create an economic engine that drives sustainable wealth expansion: adapting to local resources and needs, and creating local jobs that cannot be outsourced. FuSE builds an economic eco-system for sustainable growth --with an environmental, economic, and social foundation.

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The Solar Hydrogen Civilization

In 2005, Roy McAlister published The Solar Hydrogen Civilization: The Future of Energy is the Future of Our Global Economy.

Roy’s book offers a constructive and uplifting social, environmental, and inspirational vision of sustainable economic development that is technologically achievable now.

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