Roy McAlister is a professional engineer, author, entrepreneur and inventor. For more than forty-five years, he has worked to create solutions to the multiple problems associated with our dependence upon burning the carbon in fossil fuels: energy resource depletion, pollution, climate change, public health diseases, national energy insecurity, and economic stagnation.

In 2005, he published The Solar Hydrogen Civilization: The Future of Energy is the Future of Our Global Economy and “Hydrogen Car & Multi-Fuel DVD”. Roy’s book offers a constructive and uplifting social, environmental, and economic vision of a sustainable future that is technologically achievable now.

To usher in a Revolution in Renewable Resources, Roy McAlister has demonstrated new capacity for hydrogen fuel and for carbon as a 21st century manufacturing resource to overcome the limitations of steel, aluminum, copper and silicon.  With a new way to harvest hydrocarbons, the productive use of carbon changes the economic viability of hydrogen fuel.

A Message from Roy McAlister

Civilization is the greatest accomplishment of humans on Earth.  Unfortunately, Civilization’s economic dependence upon rotting and burning carbon into the atmosphere has caused all forms of life on Earth to be degraded because of futile conflict with 99% of all the matter in our solar system. The 99% is the Sun – that has reliably delivered the energy for photosynthesis and maintaining thermal and chemical stability of the Earth’s atmosphere much longer than humans have been present.

The global economy is increasingly dependent upon burning carbon in renewable and fossil fuels.  More than 1.2 billion existing engines (soon to be 2 billion engines) in transportation, electricity generation, farming and mining applications have caused atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulations such as CO2 to increase from 280 PPM to more than 400 PPM and CH4 to increase 2.5 times since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Methane is about 86 times more harmful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. This causes Earth’s atmosphere to collect more solar energy to cause global warming, melting of polar and glacial ice, thawing and rotting of permafrost deposits and releases of oceanic methane clathrates, and more extreme weather related events such as typhoons, tornadoes, and floods along with droughts, and forest fires.

Our Mission is to re-purpose the carbon in what rots and burns (including such methane) to create sustainable economic development throughout the world that overcomes local pollution and global warming.  We will do this by providing 10,000 Certified Technicians per year from the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to convert existing engines to operation on hydrogen or net-hydrogen Metrol liquid fuel to produce exhaust emissions of water vapor that can be condensed.

Net-hydrogen Metrol liquid fuel is produced by dissociation of substances that rot or burn into durable carbon products and hydrogen.  The hydrogen is combined with nitrogen and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make a blended liquid that can be transported by pipelines, marine, rail and road tankers for distribution through local fuel pumps as a lower cost fuel compared to gasoline or diesel fuel.

The co-produced durable carbon products include equipment that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum for converting solar, wind, moving water or geothermal energy into more electricity, hydrogen, and heat compared to burning such carbon one time. In many applications the electricity, hydrogen and heat delivered by such carbon reinforced equipment can be greater every day than the raw heat released by wastefully burning such carbon one time. In other words the carbon-reinforced equipment can deliver 300 or 400 times more electricity, hydrogen, and heat per year compared to burning such carbon one time.

Civilization will never run out of water and solar energy including wind and moving water energy to make the hydrogen needed to replace all presently used fuels that wastefully burn carbon.  Green plants will convert atmospheric CO2 to the food we eat and so many other substances that can be dissociated to assure plentiful supplies of durable carbon for reinforcing the transportation and renewable energy conversion equipment that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Certified technicians can enable virtually every peaceful community of the world to create sustainable economic development that overcomes local pollution and global climate change damages.  Adoption of a new renewable material and energy regime based in local, distributed power generation, can provide multitudes of new highly desirable jobs – a grassroots community development movement across the nation and globally with economic incentives to protect the environment.   More than 1.2 billion engines in transportation, electricity generation, farming and mining applications will last longer, produce more power, and actually clean the air to overcome local pollution and global climate change damages.