Metrol® overcomes the most important barriers to the adoption of hydrogen as a transportation fuel:
production cost, storage  & distribution.

Metrol is an energy-dense liquid
at ambient pressure and temperature
(comparable to gasoline or diesel fuel delivery of energy).

Metrol® is an engineered fuel initially combining hydrogen with nitrogen from the air, not unlike other nitrogenous compounds similar to ammonia [ NH3 ] or urea [ CO(NH2)2 ]. Metrol® chemically stores and distributes energy for on-demand use of hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines and fuel cells; it provides storage, transport, and user convenience as an energy-dense liquid.

When Metrol is 'burned" the hydrogen becomes water vapor and the nitrogen returns to atmosphere for endless preparation of net-hydrogen liquid fuel.  Metrol® is the registered trademark of McAlister Technologies for net-hydrogen liquid fuel that can be stored in existing gasoline, diesel and jet fuel tanks.

McAlister's hydrogen-carbon production process provides an exponential multiplier of economic and environmental values. As a result, this new technology enables sustainable co-production of low-cost hydrogen and durable carbon. The carbon can reinforce equipment to convert solar, wind, moving water and geothermal energy into far more electricity, hydrogen and heat compared to burning such carbon one time.  Carbon is prevented from forming harmful pollutants by becoming a sustainable energy conversion economic asset.

What is Metrol? (White paper)

The purpose of the whitepaper is to describe how Roy McAlister’s hydrogen-carbon production technology can simultaneously: serve a sustainable growth-economy, protect the environment from wasted carbon to overcome local pollution and global climate change, establish direct financial incentives for more rapid adoption of renewable energy, and create highly desirable local manufacturing jobs for the 21st Century.

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Metrol Movie (8 min)

McAlister has demonstrated a new capacity for production and distribution
of low-cost hydrogen and for
carbon as a 21st century
manufacturing material
to usher in the peaceful, healthful and sustainably profitable
Renewable Resources Revolution.

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Message from Roy McAlister

Roy McAlister is a professional engineer, author, entrepreneur and inventor. For more than forty-five years, he has worked to create solutions to the multiple problems associated with our dependence upon burning the carbon in fossil fuels: energy resource depletion, pollution, climate change, public health diseases, national energy insecurity, and
economic stagnation.

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Stop Burning Carbon

Almost all current "green fuels" are still burning carbon and putting yet more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.  In contrast, McAlister's patented technology can "crack" or split hydrocarbon feedstocks (whether renewable biomass or fossil fuels) into their constituent parts -- hydrogen and carbon.  Each of these can be made into separate uniquely-high-profit, clean, "next generation" products.  The carbon is actually worth far more than the fuel.

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Full Spectrum Energy (FuSE)

FuSE Technology is an installation of three very powerful technologies developed in the McAlister portfolio: Waste-to-Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy Power Power Generation, and Carbon Product Manufacturing.  Hydrogen, Carbon, and Electricity are resource elements connecting the components into an integrated technology platform and economic eco-system to build clean, green sustainable local communities.

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Solar Hydrogen Civilization

In practical terms, we will never run out of the Sun as a source of energy or Hydrogen as an energy carrier. (It is the most abundant element in the cosmos.)

In 2005, Roy McAlister published The Solar Hydrogen Civilization: The Future of Energy is the Future of Our Global Economy. -- an uplifting vision of sustainable economic development that is technologically achievable now.

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